Want a gorgeous, glowing tan all year round…

The only solution: Self Tanner.  And you don't even need to schedule a professional appointment. KUTA TANNING MOUSSE can help you pull off the illusion of sun-bathing without even stepping outside your bathroom.


1. Start your prep the night before, Exfoliating with a salt or sugar scrub  which will achieve an even tan and if you need to shave, do so at least four hours before you apply your self tanner. 

Before tanning, moisturise the drier areas of the skin- knuckles, knees, elbows, ankles which will prevents patchy dark areas on the skin.

2. Its recommended to tan in front of a mirror to make sure you get all the areas evenly. And if any product ends up on the floor, you can wipe it away easily with a damp cloth.

3.  Don’t use your bare hands,  you will end up with orange or brown palms.

Always use a mitt.  

4. Saving your hands, elbows, knees and feet till last.

Apply first to upper legs, butt and stomach ( these areas may need a second coat as they are normally whiter and more stubborn.
Apply across the body from arms to chest, then apply product upwards from legs to torso. Use the excess solution left on the mitt to rub over  hands, feet, elbows and knees once the  body is done.

5.  One of the biggest mistakes, we make while tanning at home is not double checking tan is even and not taking time to tidy heavy darker spots after application. Always wipe knuckles, knees, and the back of the hands lightly with a damp wash cloth or wet wipe after applying the tan to ensure the most natural look.

6. Dilute tanning mousse ¾ moisturiser to ¼ tan for your face, after application dab a slightly damp cloth around lips, the edges of your nose, and eyebrows.

7. if you've over tanned, you can soak away the mistakes and streaks in warm bath. You can also steam in the sauna to tone down the tint.


Now get all pretty and go out on the town.





If you’re struggling with body acne its time to change your shower routine.

Shampoo and rinsing out conditioner is now the first step of a showering and perhaps, exfoliate or shave while you let those moisturising ingredients soak in and work their softening magic on the hair. Rinse and then apply and lather KUTA BODY WASH.


*When conditioner residue drips down your back, chest, or other parts of your body, it can clog your pores and cause breakouts if it’s not properly rinsed off with water and soap. conditioners tend to be thick and creamy and can be difficult to remove effectively with just water so washing your body should actually be the last step of your shower routine.



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